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International internship

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Work-study programs


International Internship
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General terms of sale


Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite





Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite is a sole proprietorship (Ms. Anne Sophie VIGNERON), domiciled 1 Maine Roullet 17250 Saint Maigrin - SIRET number 808 223 739 00026 - Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite specializes in the placement of students within companies, within the framework of internships abroad, in France and of work/study programs contracts in France.

Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite also adresses directly to companies by proposing them students from a large selection.


Article 1.1. - Subject of the Contract 

• The following general terms of sale are intended to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the provision of services offered by Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite. 

These general conditions express all the obligations of the parties. In that respect, the participant shall be deemed to have accepted them without restrictions. 

• Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite and the participant agree that these terms and conditions exclusively govern their relationship. 


Article 1.2. - Programs proposed by Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite  


• Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite is an intermediary service company between a French or foreign student wishing to do an internship or work in the framework of a work-study contract, and a host company. 
Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite offers its placement activities to French and foreign companies. 
Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite is also committed to providing follow-up to participants during their training. 
Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite offers its services to companies, by suggesting a large selection of qualified candidates.


Article 2.1. - Selection procedure for candidates

• The candidates are proposed to companies following due fill-in of a registration form of Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite. 
This registration form will be annexed to the these general terms of sale. 
The candidate will be required to provide all the information needed for his/her placement in a company, namely : 
1. An updated resume, clearly highlighting his training and skills.
2. A copy of his identification 
3. Certificate of civil liability for the current year 


The candidate is entirely responsible on the accuracy of the information sent to Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite. 
He/She therefore agrees not to give false information about his/her education and professional experience. 
Upon registration, the candidate will be received by Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite during a physical or online interview in order to determine his motivations and desiderata.


Article 2.2.- Host companies 

• Host companies are part of a partner network certified by Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite. 
Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite commits to match the candidate’s skills to the various requirements of the host company. 
However, Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite cannot be liable for any mismatch between the candidate and the host company. 


Article 3 - The price 

• Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite will only invoice the candidate for the work accomplished once the latter has been placed within a host company. 
The student cannot deny an internship or a work/study program once he or she has been selected by a company introduced by Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite. 
No costs fees will be charged to the applicant in case of unsuccessful research.


Article 3.1 - Unitary pricing 

• The price on Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite services is 1000 euros per internship if a French student wishes to do an internship abroad. 
• The price on Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite services is 1000 euros per internship if a French student wishes to do an internship in France.
• If the candidate is a foreign student wishing to do an internship in France, the fee is 1000 euros per internship. 
• The price on Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite services is 1000 euros per work/study program. 
• The candidate agrees to pay Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite the fees corresponding to the fee grid when a company has announced the integration of the student in its team. 


Article 3.2 - Terms of payment

• The payment of the services offered by Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite can be done by : 
1. Wire transfert
2. Cash


Article 3.3 - Repayment conditions

• Repayment conditions are strictly governed by these general terms of sale. 
The candidate whom has accepted the internship commits to the payment of successful research to Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite. 
Once the internship has been accepted, no reason can be invoked to support a request for repayment. 
Thus, lack of accommodation, failure to obtain diploma, force majeure circumstance or rejection to issue a visa by the competent authority are not grounds for repayment of the service provided by Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite. 


Article 3.4 - Cancellation policy

• After having requested the services of Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite, the candidate may withdraw his request after having duly informed the company.   
• This information will be considered complete once sent by registered mail with return receipt to the following address : 
Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite 
1 Maine Roullet 
17250 Saint Margin
• Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite will ipso facto cease all research for the candidate and all the information concerning him/her will be erased. 
• The company does not keep any information from the applicant when the latter proceeds to cancel the application.  


Article 4 - General obligations of the participant

• The participant is solely responsible for the information he/she provides to Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite. In that way, he/she agrees not to make false statements about his/her age, identity, academic background or any other information essentiel to his/her placement in a company. 
This information is considered essential and must be specified in detail in the registration form attached to these general terms of sale. 
Any difficulty on this information can be verified at any time by Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite. 
In the event of false statement, Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite reserves the right to terminate the contractual relationship with the participant. 
The participant, by the hereby general terms of sales, acknowledges that the mission of Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite is limited to putting him/her in contact with a host company. 
Consequently, Le stagiaire Cosmopolite cannot be liable for any difficulty between the participant and the host company which may arise during the internship or the work-study contract. 
The participant must also comply with all rules and guidelines established by the host company. 


Article 4.1. - The participant’s specific obligations 

• When committing with the company « Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite », the participant agrees that it is the sole intermediary in his search for a host company.
Each internship offered to the intern is therefore a guaranteed placement by « Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite ». 
Applicants and participants agree to keep all information and documents of any nature whatsoever concerning « Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite » confidential : whether economic, technical or commercial, to which they may have accessed during the execution of the contract or during exchanges that took place prior to the conclusion of the contract, including all information contained in the commercial and financial proposal sent by « Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite ».
The participant cannot contact the company which «Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite» has introduced him/her during the whole period of his/her studies without informing « Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite » and paying the fee of 1000 euros. Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite has the Right to Follow upon all contacts given to the participant during the whole period of the student’s studies. 


Article 5 -  Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite’s obligations 

• Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite acts as an intermediary between a candidate wishing to do an internship and a host company. 
Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite commits to do everything in its power to place the candidate. 
It is only when the candidate is selected in an organization that a payment will be requested from the candidate. 
Consequently, Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite does not guarantee at any time the placement of the candidate; it is only bound to an obligation of means and not of results. 
Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite agrees to use the candidate’s information and personal data only in its strict placement activity. 
It guarantees the deletion of all such data once the placement is completed. 


Article 6 - Personal Information

• Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite reserves the right to use the photos and videos taken during the internships to illustrate its brochures, its websites and its presentation documents, unless otherwise specified by the participant, by mail within one month after the beginning of the internship or the work-study contract. 
As provided by the law n°78-17 of the 6th of January 1978 that pertain to information technology, databases and civil liberties, you have a right of access and of correction of the personal information about you. 
These general terms of sale enact on the date of signature and can be modified and/or completed by Le Stagiaire Cosmopolite at any time. 
In this case the new version will be uploaded and will be automatically applied by all customers.


Article 7 - Claims and litigation 

• In the event of a claim regarding the services provided, every effort possible will be made to amicably settle any dispute arising from a participant’s claim. 
• These general terms of sale are governed by French law.